This list may seem long but most of the following rules are simple ones thta are required on all wikis. Please at least skim through them. At the bottom there is also a list of consequences for rule breaking.

Rules For Making A CharacterEdit

  • Must write what job you want at the top if its one that must be approved by admins.
  • Must write at least 3 paragraphs for your characters history.
  • Must give three options for your characters district.
  • When adding siblings in family section must include name and age.
  • Whatever you add in your skills section you must add in your history. Such as if one of your skills was climbing trees then you have to tell how you gained that skill.
  • Your Character may not be related to a actrual character from the book such as katniss unless you get admin approval (which is very rare in this case)
  • Make sure that your character only has 2 to 3 skills. Your character is only human and shouldn't be good at everything.

Rules For Character NamesEdit

  • Your Characters Name may not include a cuss word
  • You may not share the first or last name of a hunger games character
  • Your character must have a first and last name

Rules For Character PageEdit

  • Must include history, appearance, and personallity
  • Do not use character page as roleplay place. You will have a home for private roleplays.
  • You must add photo of character.
  • You must have link to your user page so that everyone knows who roleplays the character

Rules For RoleplayingEdit

  • No godmodding! We will have game masters who narrate things like battles for you.
  • No cannon! You may not be related to character from actrual books unless admin approves.
  • Do not speak for other charcters. It their character not yours.
  • Remember your character is not invicible. You can't dodge everything. At one point you have to get hit somewhat.
  • Try not to talk OOC (out of character) too much in roleplay articles.
  • Follow your history. Meaning if you say your bad at healing, you can't enter the games and suddenly be able to heal broken bones.
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