Name: Rose Clearwater

History: Rose doesn't have much of a history being only 5, all she knows is that her mother still hasn't come home. Rose simply plays most of the day and follows her older siblings around like a lost puppy.

Personallity: Very sweet, loves the world and thinks of everyone as her friend. Always happy and has a big smile. Very trusting person.

Appearance: Medium sized 5 year old with long dirty blonde hair, light, pretty blue eyes and a big smile. Her teeth are a bit crooked but her lips are full and pretty, her lashes long and curled, and her skin a bit pale.

Weapon: Being Only 5 she has no weapons, unless you count a teddy bear.


Father: John Clearwater; Age 37

Mother: Mary Clearwaer (Deceased)

Sister: Haylee Clearwater; Age 12

Brother: Sam Clearwater; Age 8

Job: Playing

Age: 5

District wanted: District 4

This character is in District 4
District 4 seal thing

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