Fishing Beach

The Fishing BeachEdit

Welcome too the fishing beach. This is where the fishermen of district four come to do their fishing. The beach is miles long, and there is a good amount of fish, though there are so many fisherman its sometimes hard too tell. All fish caught, are too be sold to the capitol. Eating fish caught from here, that isn't bought at store, can lead to many consequences. Such as whipping or even death. The job doesn't bring in much money, but the capitol forces the magority of district 4 to have this job.

Fishing RoleplayEdit

John Clearwater – Father and Fisherman
TALK – 21:39, August 10, 2012 (UTC)
John, who doesn't have enough money for a fishing pole, with all his children too feed, picks up a simple hand crafted spear which he clutches as he wades into shallow water. He picks a spot, standing statue still until the first fish comes in sight. He aims spear down and stabs, fast but smooth, sinking the tip into the passing fish and pulling it out of the water dead. He puts it into his bag not expecting too have too many more easy catches such as this. He gets once again into position, like he would be doing for the next 12 hours until fishermen were permitted to go home.

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