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District 7Edit

Home Of LumberEdit

District 7 is in charge of cutting down trees, making paper and other wood related items. The district is medium sized as it houses a large forest as trees are needed. This district has some advantages entering the hunger games such as being able to use axes with ease. They are also comfortable around trees which almost every arena has as it offers concealment and such making the games more interesting.

People In District 7Edit

Mayor:Must Be ApprovedEdit

Peacekeepers:Must Be ApprovedEdit

Merchants: ShopkeepersEdit

Residents:Anyone Too Old To Participate In Reaping That Works In Lumber Yard/WoodsEdit

Children: Anyone Younger Then Age 12Edit

Tributes:Reaping Age (12 to 18)Edit

Victors: Past Winners Of Hunger GamesEdit

Places In District 7Edit


Justice Building

Town Square


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