D 5

District 5Edit

Home Of Power FacilitiesEdit

This is the place where power is made; meaning electrical and so on so forth. This is a smaller district with not much vegetation/plant growth as all of that was taken to make room for factories and such. This district has next to no advantages going into the games, so unless your a physical wonder, extremly clever, or have something that draws sponsers to you, your chances in the games are limited.

People In District 5Edit

Mayor:Must Be ApprovedEdit

Peacekeeper:Must Be ApprovedEdit

Merchants: Shop OwnersEdit

Residents:Anyone Who Is Too Old To Participate In Games And Works In The Power FacilityEdit

Tributes:Reaping Age (12 to 18)Edit

Children: Younger Then Age 12Edit

Victors: Past Winners Of Hunger Games:Edit

Places In District 5Edit


Justice Building

Town Square


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