District 4Edit

Home Of Panem FishermanEdit

This is where the fishing takes place. All seafood eaten in the capitol comes from this large district. Security is tight here as it is such a important district to the capitol. Many of the residents are poor and starve as they aren't alowed to eat the fish they catch as they are sent to the capitol. District 4's tributes are usually part of the career pack in the Hunger Games.

People In District 4Edit

Mayor: Mut Be approvedEdit

Peacekeepers:Must Be ApprovedEdit

Merhcants: People Who Run A Shop In TownEdit

Residents: People over age 18 that are fisherman, or some other labor jobEdit

John Clearwater

Children: Younger Then Age 12:Edit

Sam Clearwater

Rose Clearwater

Tributes:Reaping Age (12 to 18)Edit

Haylee Clearwater

Elizabeth Swan

Victors: Past Winners Of Hunger Games:Edit

Places In District 4Edit


Justice Building

Fishing Beach

Town Square

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