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District 2Edit

Home of Masons and PeacekeepersEdit

This is district 2 publicly known as the home of masonry but also the place where peacekeepers are born and trained. In fact it is the military base for the capitol. District 2 has the largest sum of hunger games victors as here is where entering the hunger games is a huge honor, and there is no shortage of volunteers. This district is said to be "pampered" by the captiol and treated better then the rest of the districts. As a result they are the most loyal to the captiol.

People In District 2Edit

Mayor: Must Be ApprovedEdit

Nut Workers: People Working in Nut Aka The panem military base (Must Be Approved)Edit

Peacekeepers: Must be approvedEdit

Jordan Knickle

Residents:People too old to participate in Hunger Games; mason workersEdit

Children: Younger then Age 12:Edit

Tributes: Reaping Age (12 to 18)Edit

Jade Nike

Jade Sophia

Victors: Past Winners Of Hunger Games:Edit

Places In District 2Edit


Justice Building


Town Square

Stone Quarries

Hunger Games Training Academy
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