District 12Edit

Home Of Coal MiningEdit

This is the home of the coal miners. Here the whole district is covered in a thick layer of coal dust. This is a very small and poor district, mostly ignored by the capitol as long as it sends in the required amount of coal. This district has no advantages going into the games as they aren't allowed to start working in the coal mines until they turn 18. They don't have much loyalty towards the capitol but they are better off then other districts because as they are largely ignored there aren't as severe punishments and residents get away with some things.

People In District 12Edit

Mayor:Must Be ApprovedEdit

Peacekeepers:Must Be ApprovedEdit

Residents:Anyone Too Old To Participate In Hunger Games That Works In Mines Or Other Labor JobEdit

Children:Younger Then Age 12Edit

Tributes:Reaping Age (12 to 18)Edit

Victors:Winners Of Hunger GamesEdit

Places In District 12Edit


Justice Building

Town Square

Coal Mines

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