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The CornucopiaEdit

24 circles, each holding a tribute, surround the giant cornucopia. They are equel length from the cornucopia and if they step off their circle before the 60 seconds too look around are up, then they are blown up on the spot. Goodies surround the cornucopia, the smaller things on the outside. The closer you are to the cornucopia the better the treasures.

This Years Items At CornucopiaEdit

Danger Zones Level 1 to 5. 1 Being safest 5 being most dangerous.Edit

2 Sheets of Plastic- 1

4 Backpacks- 3

2 Bows- 5

4 Sheaths of arrows- 4

40 Knives- 1

5 Loafs Of Bread- 2

6 Empty Water Jugs- 2

3 Axes- 5

60 Second CountdownEdit

Roleplay; When Games Start A Game Master Will Be PresentEdit

Hunger games have not yet begun. Do not roleplay here yet.

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