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This is the shining captiol, which controls all the districts. The job of the district is to provide for the capitols every need. Each district has a job, to supply the captiol such as district 12 provides its coal and district 4, its seafood and so on. The captiol is known for its fashion choices, altering the bodies through surgery, applying vast amounts of makeup and wearing bright colors of clothing. The people in the capitol have jobs, but they don't require much work. Many citizents in the capitol are in debt due to their carless spending choices. The favorite activity of capitol residents is waching the hunger games which besides keeping the districts in line is the main scource of entertainment for the capitol. Living here, you are likely to have whatever you need, when you need it.

People In The CaptiolEdit


  1. Albus Time

Council Members:Edit

Head Gamemaker:Edit


Head Trainer:Edit

Marcia Liventime



Daisy Marcial-District 1 girl Tribute StylistEdit

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Captiol Residents:Edit

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Places In The CapitolEdit

Post Office

Glossy Hue; Make-Up Store

Latest Captiol FashionEdit

Read About The Latest Capitol Fashion In The; "Capitol Look Magazine"

Capitol MediaEdit

Capitol Gossip Magazine

Panem Newspaper

Hunger Games TV

Panem News Channel

Next Hunger GamesEdit

Hunger Games Have Not Yet Started

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