Albus Time
Albus Time


Health:Alive and Healthy



Occupation: President


Other Info

Loyality: Himeself

Goals: Make the hunger games as entertaining as possible and keep districts in line.


As A ChildEdit

As An AdultEdit

Albus was simply a member of the council until now, when he has ruthlessly killed all his foes leading up to his becoming president of Panem. He is happy with his
position of power and was the one to come up with the hunger games. He has no limits when it comes to gaining what he wants and the hunger games are just another
tool for him to hold power

President time has been busy setting up the first ever hunger games and deciding the rules and such. He loves his position and is happy to force the districts to become
his yearly entertainment. Albus has appointed a new type of law force called peacekeepers to hold up the laws he has passed. President Time continues to put rescources
into inventing as it is his hope that he can make the hunger games even more exciting and come up with new protection methods as the most important thing in the world, at
least in his eyes is himself.

President Time rules without any rebellion as he sqaushes anyone or anything that so much as whispers they aren't happy with the way things are run. He is very cautious
making sure that all the districts stay in line as he realizes that the country of panem is a delicate system that must be contained.


President Time, is cruel, strict but also cautious. He is good at lying and uses it to move crowds in his favor. He is strict when it comes to rules and has no problem handing out deadly consequences to keep his country in order. He is power hungry and kills anyone he suspects wants himm over thrown.


He is a tall, middle wieght man. He has a short white beard, and shoulder length silver hair. His nose is long and very crooked, as are his teeth, and his lips are ubnormally puffy. Time's skin is chalk white and his eyes appear to be yellow, and some say that it holds flecks of crimson.








Hunger GamesEdit


Albus Time Is the President Of Panem.

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